Mini Book Reviews // Radio Silence, The Thousandth Floor & The Dazzling Heights.

Time for another batch of mini reviews! These are once again for books I’ve recently read and enjoyed but didn’t have enough thoughts to warrant a full review. All reviews are spoiler free 

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Monthly Wrap-Up // Surprisingly Good September.

September was a surprisingly good month in terms of reading and blogging. I blogged quite a lot and I read loads of great books; this is such a stark contrast to a few months back, but I’m just really happy with my blogging and reading at the moment. Let’s take a look at what I read, did and watched in the month of September 

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Monthly Wrap Up // Astonishing August

I’m back baby! August was an astonishingly good month, I even surprised myself by how much I actually read and blogged. Read on to see what I read, watched and blogged about in August 

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1500 Followers // Answering Your Questions (Q&A Post)

Yay! This is my favourite part of Q&A posts – Answering all your creative questions! Thanks so much for everyone that participated and asked such amazing questions! So get a cup of tea/coffee/hot cocoa and enjoy 

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Tips & Tricks // How To Make Friends On WordPress

I love WordPress and the amazing WordPress community! But I know how intimidating it can be to make friends and interact with fellow bloggers, especially if you’re a new blogger just starting out. I thought I’d share some tips on how to make friends on WordPress 

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