TV Series // Six Series I’m Excited To Continue Watching.

This is a bit of a different post than normal, but most of you know by now that when I’m not reading I love binge watching a good series; I’m caught up with most of the ones I watch on a regular basis and now I’m just waiting for the next season to be released. These are six series I’m most excited to continue watching 

♡ Orange Is The New Black // Season 6 {Unknown Release Date}.

Orange Is The New Black

We all know how Season 5 ended; if you don’t, then now is a good time to stop reading. I wasn’t that impressed with Season 5, the whole riot thing dragged a bit but it ended on a cliffhanger and I really want to know what’s going to happen to everyone. I want to know if they really plan on shipping everyone to different prisons after the riot; because that could really be terrible or make for a really interesting Season 6. Anyway, I really am looking forward to see where they’ll be taking it.

♡ Shameless // Season 8 {5 November 2017}.


Yay! I’m so happy that Shameless is returning in November. I absolutely love this series and its dysfunctional family and I can’t wait to see where they’ll take it this season. Some pretty hectic things happened at the end of Season 7 so it will be interesting to see what happens and how everybody handles everything. I really just want Lip to get his shit together and I want Mickey to come back so,so bad – other than that I’ll just go with the flow.

♡ Grey’s Anatomy // Season 14 {28 September 2017}.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is my ride or die series; I’ve watched thirteen seasons of it already, the characters are like my family, I’ll never be able to stop watching it. I know that this has been released in the USA already, but we’ll only get it here at the end of the year or the beginning of next year – so all I can do now is wait it out and avoid as many spoilers as I can!

♡ Suits // Season 7 {12 July 2017}.

Suits (1)

Suits is another one of my favourite series, I love lawyer drama’s and this is as good as it gets! I know this has been out for a couple of months already, but I just haven’t had the time to get caught up, plus I prefer to binge watch it. I think Season 7 is going to be a really good season – I mean they literally lost the company and they kinda have to start everything from scratch, it should be really interesting to watch.

♡ Thirteen Reasons Why // Season 2 {Unknown Release Date}.

Thirteen Reasons Why

I know that Thirteen Reasons Why was somewhat of a controversial show, but I really enjoyed it and I think it is a show that needs to be watched by a lot of people. I personally did not think that the suicide was romanticized and I really think that Hannah had legit reasons for wanting to end her life. I’m interested to see what exactly will happen in Season 2, loads characters lives ended in cliffhangers and I’m curious to find out how everyone’s lives will  ultimately come to an end.

♡ The Big Bang Theory // Season 11 {25 September 2017}.

Big Bang Theory

To be completely honest; I’m not entirely sure why I want to watch this anymore. I’m not completely caught up with Season 10 yet, but Season 9 wasn’t that good and the beginning of Season 10 didn’t blow me away either. I just feel like this is becoming more of a family show now that everyone is getting married and having kids. I just really love Sheldon so much and he’s such a great character! I’ll probably finish Season 10 and then see how I feel about continuing on.

 Are you excited to continue watching any of the series on my list?

 Are there any great series that I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comments!



10 thoughts on “TV Series // Six Series I’m Excited To Continue Watching.

  1. HEYYY!!!! WHAT ABOUT SUPERNATURAL??!?! 😱😱 You don’t watch it yet?!! OH MY GODDDDD!! Hon, you are missing out on SOOOOO much!! (IF YOU ARE INTO THAT GENRE, THAT IS! 😅) And what about The Handmaid’s Tale??!! I haven’t watched it yet but people are constantly RAVING ABOUT IT!! 😂

    AND…..AND……….AND…….The Night Manager?!?! 😉😉 Gotta love me some Tom Hiddleston! 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Tom Hiddleston, but I haven’t heard of The Night Manager before; I’ll definitely have to check it out! I’ve also only heard great things about The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s on my to watch list, I first have to finish Stranger Things and How To Get Away With Murder!

      I totally missed the whole Supernatural boat, I’ve never watched it and now I feel like there’s just too many seasons to catch up on 🙈

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  2. I have watched it since the first episode, and I will watch Grey’s until the last episode. As long as it still makes me cry, I will watch it. I like where they went with Amelia’s story. I am a fan of her’s and was so unhappy with how she was behaving, so at least now, we have a reason for it all.

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  3. I used to watch grey’s anatomy, I got bored a long time ago. I think the last one I watched was the one the where Owen flipped out, and that put me off. I too am excited fot 13 reasons why, I never thought it was romantized if anything it was the opposite, the carnage that was left was awful, not just because of the tapes. I am looking forward to seeing what else they can come up with, there’s no more tapes so what is it going to center around? I too am getting a little unsure of the big bang, I am currently making my way through season 10 but it doesn’t have the same feel of the earlier series.

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    1. Owen is much better and they did address his PTSD, but he still isn’t my favourite character and I don’t think he’ll ever be! So happy someone agrees about Big Bang Theory; it just isn’t the same anymore!

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  4. Greys Anatomy yesss! That series is my ride or die as well but not impressed with certain things but i’m not going to mention them because I shall not spoiler you!
    I’m obsessed with Big Bang Theory as well, I actually like season 10, wasn’t a fan of the series penny had her hair cut really short. I kept staring at her hair like nope, can’t get over it and she’s not penny to me now. How petty am I haha!

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    1. I liked her hair short; I thought it looked so cute! I’m intrigued to watched Season 10 though, so I’ll decide after that if I’d like to continue.

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear that Grey’s is good; I can’t wait to binge watch it 🌸

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  5. Got to admit the riot in OTNB really did last WAY too long. I also felt like show lost its edge with every season. And how they divide it all up to give every single woman a backstory sort of made it less engaging, compared to when it was the story of Piper discovering how messed up the prison system was. And man, I’m also looking forward to Suits! Things are getting fun again (used to be such a soap opera where things felt so much more focused on romance and relationships than the law and what not). Nice list, Michelle! 😀

    P.S. Gosh, feels like it’s been forever since I’ve last heard from you hhahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It does feel like we haven’t “talked” in forever so thanks so much for commenting 🌸

      I actually love seeing everyone’s backstory in OITNB; it’s quite fascinating to see what they all did to end up there. I don’t really care that much for Piper anymore, I find her a bit irritating now but I do like her relationship with Alex. But I am excited to see in what direction they’ll take this new season 😊

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