Mini Book Reviews // Radio Silence, The Thousandth Floor & The Dazzling Heights.

Time for another batch of mini reviews! These are once again for books I’ve recently read and enjoyed but didn’t have enough thoughts to warrant a full review. All reviews are spoiler free 

 ♡ Radio Silence by Alice Oseman // ♡ hearts.

Radio Silence

I expected to absolutely fall in love with Radio Silence but it ended up just being an average read for me; it had lots of good things going on and I thought it would evoke deep emotion from me, but it didn’t. I can definitely see why so many people love it though, it is an extremely relatable novel – it’s the perfect story for the weird kids, the ones struggling to find their place in the world and I totally respect the message that Oseman portrayed through the story. I also really loved the diversity; we had a gay character, a bisexual main character and a character that referred to himself as demisexual – it was really refreshing seeing that word for the first time in a YA novel. Radio Silence was wonderfully weird and it felt like I was dreaming while reading this, even though this wasn’t the best fit for me it will fit a thousand other readers like a glove.

♡ Content Warning: Mental Abuse from A Parent.

♡ The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee {The Thousandth Floor #1} // ♡ hearts.

The Thousandth Floor

The Thousandth Floor is the first book in an amazing new YA contemporary/thriller series. Loads of people have compared it to Gossip Girl and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement; it features loads of rich teens with absent parents, the only difference is that it is set in the future. I really loved this story; the futuristic setting was modern without being confusing, there wasn’t any info-dumping and you simply learnt everything as the story progressed. There were loads of characters to keep track of at first, but McGee gave each and every character such distinctive voices, features and backstories that each one really stood out the further you progressed into the story. I also loved that this book was diverse – the story features a few characters of colour and a bisexual main character. This really was an indulgent and fun read.

♡ Content Warning: Drug Abuse and Death of a LGBTQ+ character.

♡ The Dazzling Heights by Katharine McGee {The Thousandth Floor #2} // ♡♡ hearts.

The Dazzling Heights

The Dazzling Heights is the second book in the luxurious, high-end The Thousandth Floor series. I just really love this series; its like a guilty pleasure series that you can’t help but love. I loved the addition of an exciting new character, it made the story come to life a little more and it really piqued my interest. But the thing I loved the most was the amazing character development and growth; Leda was like a completely different character and I absolutely loved her in this book. Once again this book was rich and opulent and the “murder” kept me on the edge of my seat, I’m totally excited to read the last book in the series.

♡ Content Warning: Drugging/Drink Spiking and Death.

♡ Have you read any of these books and what did you think?



7 thoughts on “Mini Book Reviews // Radio Silence, The Thousandth Floor & The Dazzling Heights.

  1. Great reviews for these books Michelle. I haven’t actually read any of these but all of them are on my to-read list. 🙂
    It’s funny because I’ve largely seen five star, positive reviews for Radio Silence but more mixed reviews for The Thousandth Floor so it’s great to see you have a different-ish opinion of both. Granted I’m glad you enjoyed both books, and they both sound incredible, already I’m hooked on the fact that there is plenty of diversity in both which is something I love seeing in YA nowadays.
    Again great reviews, I hope I enjoy these books as much as you did. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Beth 🌸
      I think loads of people really connected with Radio Silence which is why it has so many five star reviews! The Thousandth Floor was really just a relaxing read; it was like watching my favourite TV shows, it really was just a fun read. I hope you enjoy them too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am a fan of The Thousandth Floor series. It’s soapy good fun with some cool futuristic touches. I really liked the dynamic that developed between Leda, Rylin, and Watt, and the personal growth that you-know-who experienced.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely reviews, Michelle! ❤ I'm sorry to hear you didn't fall in love with Radio Silence – it is one of my favorites, but I understand where you come from, and if you can't quite connect with it all, well… there is pretty much nothing you can do, ahah. I'm glad you still managed to enjoy it 🙂
    I'm happy that you gave 4 stars to The Thousand Floors series so far! I have been seeing mixed reviews about this book, but I still have it on my TBR because I'm really intrigued by this "Gossip Girl" with futuristic touches here and there. I feel like I'd enjoy it and your review makes me feel like I could 🙂 So, thank you 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Marie 🌸
      I totally get why so many people loved Radio Silence and I really did like the writing, so I am going to try and read her first book some or other time.
      I loved The Thousandth Floor series; it’s just really such a fun series and if you liked Gossip Girl (I loved it) then you’ll definitely like these books!

      Liked by 1 person

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