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1500 Followers // What I’ve Learnt + Q&A Announcement

*baby pterodactyl screeches*

Earlier in the week I reached 1500 followers which is unfathomable. I’m so incredibly happy and humbled to share my little corner of the internet with so many amazing bookworms, readers and followers. I can’t believe that so many of you are interested in my ramblings and thoughts on books!

Thank You

I have to give a big thank you to everyone who has followed, supported and encouraged me throughout this amazing journey. Just know that every single comment, like and follow has made me smile and honestly mean the world to me 

Q&A AnnouncementI love reading Q&A posts and I really love doing them too! You always come up with such creative questions and it’s always fun answering them. So as a way of celebrating this milestone I would love to do a Q&A post – please leave me your questions in the comment. They can be about anything: books, reading, blogging and my life – I’m excited to see what you want to know 

Heart Border

Another thing I want to share in this post is things I’ve learnt throughout my blogging journey. This is all from my own personal experience and I hope that you might be able to also learn something from this.

Blogging is hardWhen I first started blogging I thought it was going to be all unicorns and rainbows, but it’s really hard work sometimes. I thought it would just be an hour a day hobby, but there’s so many things that go into blogging; you don’t just simply create a post and then sit back in your chair. No, there’s creating posts, blog hopping, commenting, creating content and reading. So yes it’s no picnic but it’s something that I’d never give up, blogging is a part of my life now and I enjoy every single minute of it!

Scheduling is a lifesaverWhen I was still a newbie blogger I had no idea what scheduling was and that WordPress even had a nifty little feature like that, but scheduling posts is honestly a lifesaver. You might not have the time to sit down every single day to write a post, this is where the wonders of scheduling posts come into play. You might have one or two days a week that you can dedicate to writing posts and then you can write as many posts as possible and just schedule them for different dates throughout the week or month. Scheduling has saved me loads of time and I absolutely love using this feature.

Okay to take a breakYou and your health should always come first so it’s honestly okay to take a break. It’s okay to take a break from blogging and it’s okay to take a break from reading. It’s okay to be in a reading slump and it’s okay to be in a blogging slump. Thins get hard sometimes and something which once filled you with so much happiness might now just be a burden on your shoulders; I’m speaking from personal experience here and a break was exactly what I needed to clear my head and fall back in love with reading and blogging again. I promise you the community will not be mad at you for putting yourself and your mental health first and we’ll all be here to welcome you back with open arms!

Community is amazingThe best thing I’ve learned so far is that the book blogging community is amazing! I have never experience any negativity on my blog, in fact everyone has only ever been kind to me. Everyone I’ve ever interacted with in this community has been kind, supporting and just wonderful. I won’t swap this amazing community for anything and I’m so happy that I’m a part of it.


 Do you agree with the things I’ve learnt? Do you have similar experiences?

 What are some things you’ve learnt from blogging?


 Please remember to leave your Q&A Questions in the comments!


43 thoughts on “1500 Followers // What I’ve Learnt + Q&A Announcement

  1. I agree with the things you’ve learned. The blog break especially because I recently had to do that and I didn’t want to because I felt like I would be letting my followers down or something and they wouldn’t come back to my blog anymore. I have lost a ton of views and comments but I’m slowly gaining that back. The break was necessary regardless.
    Congratulations on 1500 followers that’s amazing!✨✨✨

    Q: Do you see yourself blogging 5 years from now?

    If you had to choose a different name for your blog, what would it be?

    Can you remember the last dream you had?

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    1. Thanks so much 🌸
      I recently also took a break and it was really for the best! I’m putting out better content for my followers now and everything is just so much better! Also if I follower doesn’t realize that your well being/mental health is important then they don’t deserve to read your amazing content 💕

      Thanks so much for those three questions! They’re so great and I can’t wait to answer them in my post.


  2. Congratulations, lovely, you deserve each and everyone of those followers and I am proud to be one of them! I love your points, and I agree with everything! I now schedule a lot more than at the beginning and I love being on top of my reviews ( although right now I’m late, one review to write!!!) Also, breaks are important, and it’s good to remind oneself that there is more than just pressuring oneself to make the perfect blog.

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  3. Wow! That’s incredible. Congratulations! I agree, we have a great community. I was asked to join my blog just this year, and I have already made so many awesome bookish friends, who I can count on for some great discourse (which is important, since everyone I know watches TV and doesn’t read.)

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  4. Wow congratulations!! So happy for you! x 😉 (also loving the pusheen GIF 😀 )
    My questionbs are: 1. what book changed your life? and 2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve used as a bookmark xx

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  5. I’m going with a question that’s related to the theme of my blog – for the sake of having a unique question for you, ha!

    > If you have to link a certain food / dish / munches to the last book you’ve read, what would it be and why? 😀

    Also: congratulations on your huge milestone!! 🎉

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  6. Congrats. I wouldn’t say I’ve been here long, but I can agree with everything except for scheduling. I still haven’t gotten into yet. Hoping to start today though. Random question: if you could meet anyone, no matter who it is, who would it be?

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  7. Aww I love everything you wrote about blogging here- especially about how amazing the community is!! (and yes scheduling is amazing!! And we all need to bear in mind that we can take breaks!) Massive congrats on 1500 followers!! That’s incredible and well deserved!! Here’s to many many more!!
    And hmm… questions… questions… how about: What book world would you least like to live in and why? And would you rather face the zombie apocalypse or be in the hunger games? 😉

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  8. Ahhhh CONGRATS!! ❤ That is such an amazing milestone and I also totally agree with everything you've said about blogging. Some questions: – What book got you into reading? – Book you ALWAYS recommend to people? – Which fictional world would you like to visit?
    Congrats, again!! 🙂

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  9. Ahhh congratulations, Michelle, this is so incredible – and well-deserved, I’m so happy for you ❤ ❤ Blogging really is hard-work, I agree, but it's worth it. Also, I'm obviously having a hard time with the break thing, but it's also refreshing to step back from everything and fall in love with blogging and the community again once we come back to it 🙂
    My little questions:
    – What made you want to start blogging?
    – If you remember it: what was one book that the blogging community recommended, that you fell in love with? One you didn't enjoy as much as everyone else?
    – What's one place in the world you would love to visit?
    Congratulations again ❤

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    1. Aaaw thanks so much, Marie 💕
      It is hard work but I’m definitely not planning on stopping any time soon! I know what you mean, it’s so hard to step back sometimes, but I think you’re doing a great job 🌸 Plus I love all your traveling photo’s on Instagram!
      Thanks so much for your questions, can’t wait to answers them 😊

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