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Series I Binge Watched In June & July

I’m a sucker for a good TV series and when I’m not reading I love to just chill on the couch in front of the TV binge watching series. I watched some pretty good shows in June and July that I’d love to share with you guys 

 Orange Is The New Black // Season 1 – Season 5.


It took me so long to give in to watching Orange Is The New Black. I was skeptical about the whole story and I was positive that I would loathe it, now, five seasons later I’m thoroughly invested and I can’t wait for Season 6. I really do love this show, I love the story and the diverse and different characters. It’s funny, a little vulgar and poignant all at the same time, my favourite parts are definitely when we get to see different characters back stories. I absolutely love Taystee and she was on fire in the last season even though it wasn’t my favourite of the series. I’ll definitely come back for more of this great show!

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 Suits // Season 6.

Suits (2)

*may contain minor spoilers if you’ve not seen Season 6*

I absolutely love Suits, but I just wasn’t as fond of Season 6 as I was about the previous seasons. I wasn’t that invested in the whole prison setup, I thought it was a bit boring and it dragged a bit. I’m excited to see what Season 7 holds now that Mike can practice law again and I’m hoping that Rachel will still be part of the cast now that she’s dating a royal and all that.

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 New Girl // Season 1 – Season 4.


New Girl is one of the best and most relatable comedy shows I’ve ever seen. I love watching this when I’m trying to relax or unwind, it doesn’t take tons of concentration and it’s just one of those easy going shows. I love Jessie, her character is so fun and quirky, plus she has such a cute sense of style. Another character that I totally love is Schmidt; he’s such a precious little cinnamon roll. I’m excited to carry on this series even if it’s just to see whether my OTP makes it or not!

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 Grey’s Anatomy // Season 13.


Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows I’ll continue watching until the world ends. This show and it’s characters are amazing and every season is just phenomenal. Just like every season of Grey’s this one had its ups and downs! So many shocking things happened and the series finale was on fire as always (excuse the pun). I’m sad about some characters leaving, but I’m excited to see what the next season has in store for us. Also I’m secretly hoping that this will be the season where Meredith and Alex become a thing.

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 13 Reasons Why // Season 1.

13 Reasons

I was nervous about watching 13 Reasons Why, there were loads of conflicting opinions about this series before I started watching it so I had no idea what to expect. I actually ended up liking the show, personally I felt that it was a good show and that it will ultimately help lots of kids and parents to better understand bullying, depression and suicide. I do agree that some scenes were a bit graphic, but I think it was somewhat necessary to portray the seriousness of the show and its contents. I’ve heard that they’re planning a Season 2 and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, I do want to see things from other characters perspectives but I’m also scared it might become a bit repetitive.

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 Have you watched any series on my list?

♡ What great series should I check out?



19 thoughts on “Series I Binge Watched In June & July

  1. 3 episodes left on Orange is the New Black Season 5. All caught up on Grey’s. Suits is on the lists of shows to catch up on and I can’t bring myself to watch 13 Reasons Why yet.

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    1. Grey’s was so good! I’m really excited to see what Shonda will come up with next. Totally understand about 13 Reasons Why, I didn’t binge it in one day, I actually took a couple of breaks between episodes 😊

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      1. Yes, Shonda is so amazing. I’m sad this upcoming season of Scandal will be the last one but hopefully she’s got something cooking up her sleeve. 🙂

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      2. Well, lucky you by the time you watch Scandal, you can binge it all the way through without worrying about new seasons. The final season airs this fall 😞

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  2. While I think “13 Reasons Why” was well-acted and a good starting off point for parents (and some bolder teachers) to discuss mental health, bullying, suicide, and rape with their teenagers, some of Hannah Baker’s choices were questionable in my eyes. Also heard about Season Two and very curious about how the story continues.

    Recently, I started watching “iZombie” – the main character’s basically an undead version of Veronica Mars 🙂 Highly recommend.

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    1. I’ve heard about iZombie before, but I’ve been over the whole zombie craze for a while, so I’m not sure whether I’d enjoyed it 🙈
      I know lots of people questioned Hannah’s choices and I’m not saying everything she did was perfect, but some of the things she experienced I also experienced in high school and I was very close to giving up too. I just think it might help people detect depression and thoughts of suicide sooner 💕


    1. I know it’s pretty weird 🙈 and obviously no one will ever be able to replace Derick. I think the reason this idea was planted in my head is because Alex is so supportive of Meredith. He cares so much about her and he kinda replaced Cristina as “her person” 💕

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  3. OH I love New Girl so much, it’s such a fun show, and Schmidt is my favorite ahah – though Winston is pretty great just as well. They all make me laugh 🙂 I need to catch up on Suits someday, I only saw the first two seasons but really enjoyed it 🙂
    One of my recent favorites is The Bold Type! I also love, but it’s not too recent, The Royals. It’s such a great show about the British monarchy and the cast is awesome 😀

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