Tips & Tricks // How To Make Friends On WordPress

I love WordPress and the amazing WordPress community! But I know how intimidating it can be to make friends and interact with fellow bloggers, especially if you’re a new blogger just starting out. I thought I’d share some tips on how to make friends on WordPress 

It can be really hard to make friends and connect with people, especially if you’re shy and new to the blogging world. When I first started out on WordPress I was also really shy, but then I came across a blog that I loved so much that I just had to interact with the blogger and we’ve been friends ever since!

♡ Leave blog comments.

If you read a blog post (whether it’s a review, a book tag or just a random ramble) and you feel that you can relate to something in the post – leave a comment. I promise you that none of us bite and we love fangirling about books with other book lovers. We love starting conversations and realising that we have something in common with a fellow bookworm. Commenting might just help you to realise that you have so much in common with another blogger that you become friends and start following each others blogs!

Now, there are some comments that won’t get you any attention (in my personal opinion). I’m sorry, but if you just write a comment telling me to go check out your blog, the chance is very good that that’s not going to happen. Comments in my opinion aren’t there for “advertising” yourself, comments are there for the community to talk and interact with one another. If I get a comment like this I feel like you haven’t really read the post and you just want me to check out your blog. We as bloggers all work hard so a more meaningful comment about the contents of the post will more likely make me visit your blog (and probably follow it if I like what I see).

♡ Reply to blog comments.

There’s nothing worse than using your time to leave a meaningful comment on someones post and they don’t reply. When someone takes time to comment on one of your posts, comment back! Start a conversation, talk and interact! No one wants to receive just a “like” on a meaningful comment they’ve posted on a blog, they want to interact and communicate. People that take the time to comment want to know that their comment was seen and appreciated. I know that there are some comments that are hard to reply to and then a “like” is perfectly fine, but if there is something you can reply to, then reply!

I love commenting on other blogs I love fangirling and communicating with other amazing bloggers, it’s one of my favourite things to do when I go blog hopping.

♡ Participate in weekly memes.

Participating in weekly memes is a great way for you to discover new bloggers and for new bloggers to discover you! It brings bloggers together on a specific day and I know I love reading other bloggers weekly memes posts – they’re always so fun to read and usually so relatable! Some of my favourite memes that I love reading and have participated in are Top Ten Tuesday, Top Five Wednesdays, Book Travelling Thursdays and Standalone Sundays. These are all great memes with a rather large number of followers that are all excited about finding other blogs that also participate in these memes.

♡ Interact on Social Media.

WordPress isn’t the only place for you to meet bookish friends. Twitter and Bookstagram is like a gold mine for finding amazing friends. Interact with bloggers outside of WordPress and try to make friends on other social media sites. These friendships will eventually overflow onto WordPress, if you’re already friendly with a someone on a different site it will be that much easier for them to follow your blog and interact with you here on WordPress. You’re already acquainted elsewhere and they’ll just feel more comfortable to communicate and show some love towards you and your blog.


I hope these tips & tricks will give you the confidence to start interacting with other bloggers. I hope that you will make loads of wonderful bookish friends and that you’ll start many bookish conversations.





41 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks // How To Make Friends On WordPress

  1. The WordPress community is definitely one of the nicest online communities I’ve come across, everyone is just so easy to talk to. And I can totally relate to being the fangirl in the comments haha! This is a lovely post xx

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  2. These tips are great. Thank you very much for sharing. I have started my blog in May, so pretty new still. I’m doing well in bookstagram and have a few followers on twitter and FB is getting better also but the only place I can get some interaction is on bookstagram. I haven’t been able to pass 10 followers/subscribers on my blog and 7 of those are my family members 🤷‍♀️🙃 I haven’t yet given up though, I do try to go into my favourite blogs and leave comments… I tried doing the standalone Sunday until I realized that every book I read is a part of a series lol 😂 I had no idea about top 10 Tuesday or any of the other ones you’ve mentioned, I’ll give those a try as well. I have been using FB advertising for some of my posts to increase traffic and comments and that sometimes works 👍😊.
    These are great tips and I’m going to give them all a try 🙂 sharing is caring 💖 Thanks so much for sharing 💖

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    1. Thanks so much 🌸
      I’m so happy if you found these tips helpful! It can be quite slow in the beginning, but it does pick up once you find people that read the same genre of books as you and are interested in your reviews 😊 Top Ten Tuesday and Top Five Wednesday is amazing! They always have such great topics and it’s an easy way for bloggers to connect. I hope these will help you and that you’ll continue to stay in the book community 💕

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      1. Thanks so much 💖🤗 I’m giving it a try anyways 🙂 I might do top 5 Wednesday list and finally finish my top 10 book boyfriends part 2 soon 😘 I have actually done a top 10 favourite villains – on my blog today 🤗 I’m actually excited about that post 😍

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  3. Great post with some really helpful tips! I try to do this but sometimes I don’t really know how to comment on someone’s post. I feel like just says great post or something to that affect just isn’t sufficient enough but sometimes that’s all I can think to say so I just don’t say anything.

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    1. Thanks so much 🌸
      I can sometimes be hard to think of a comment, especially when it comes to reviews. It’s okay to not have something to say sometimes, that’s when I usually just “like” a post, but try to find something that you liked about the post and go from there 😊

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  4. This is such a great post, Michelle, and I love your tips here! Comments mean everything to me and I always do my best to try and leave genuine comments when I have a good time reading the blog post. It makes me happy, hopefully makes the blogger smile and manages to start up conversation and maybe a bookish friendship, who knows! 🙂 I think what’s most important is trying to be genuine for sure. Some days, we might have nothing to say and that’s okay, too. It shouldn’t be forced or anything 🙂 ❤
    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Marie 💕
      I definitely agree that you should be genuine, it always helps and makes the comment sound sincere 🌸
      It definitely makes me smile when someone leaves a great comment on my post and I love commenting back! Totally agree that it shouldn’t be forced, I usually take a break from blog hopping when I have nothing to say or are leaving lackluster comments 🌸 I’d rather take a break and then come back in full force 😊


  5. Great tips Michelle! Definitely the big one for me is leaving comments and answering comments 🙂 For me I unfollow people if they never reply to any comments, I understand when people are busy but say i’ve followed for months and they never reply I just feel put out? As if they don’t really care. By not replying I mean if you have thousands of followers and tons of comments then of course replying is very difficult but if you never ever reply to a single comment it just doesn’t send a good message to me.

    I think this is a wonderful post for all new bloggers. When I first started I was like how do I make friends? I would panic as well!

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    1. Thanks so much, Hannah 🌸
      I agree that commenting really plays a big part in making friends and just in general. I totally get what you mean and I know that people get busy but yes you don’t constantly want to be the only one communicating 🙈
      I’m happy you enjoyed this post and that we got to be friends through here 😊

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  6. Thanks for these great tips. I’ve had my blog a while but have been neglecting it. Your post is definitely going to help me now I’m getting serious about it! ❤️

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  7. Yess commenting is definitely the best way to get to know other bloggers. When I first started out I had no idea there even was a book blogging community, I thought I would just shout into the void forever. Commenting and replying to comments is now my favourite part of blogging! x

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