The Book Case | My First Ever Bookish Unboxing

My first ever bookish unboxing and I’m so excited 

Since I’ve joined the bookish community about a year ago, I’ve always wanted to unbox my very own bookish box. I’ve always wanted to order an Owlcrate or Fairyloobox and experience the magic of unwrapping the unknown, but unfortunately the shipping cost of these boxes are way more than the box itself. And then something great happened, South Africa got their very own bookish subscription service called The Book Case!


I ordered the February Case and the theme was Welcome to the Circus. When I heard the theme announcement, I had an inkling of what the book would be and it was one of my most anticipated releases so I had to order this case.

 What was in the box?


 A copy of Caraval by Stephanie Garber || I had a feeling that this would be the book in this months box and I’m not disappointed. I’ve started this earlier in the week, so expect a review real soon!

 Socks in A Jar & Diddle Daddle Popcorn || These were my two favourite items in the box. The socks will definitely come in handy this winter and I’m just a sucker for Diddle Daddle.

 A Rose Bracelet & A Hunger Games Mockingjay Bracelet.

 Enchanting Silhouette Stickers, Diamante Pencil & Birdie Magnetic Bookmark.


Overall I really enjoyed this bookish case. I loved all the attention to detail that went into it; all the items were individually wrapped adding yet another element of surprise. Even the book was wrapped in tissue paper as not to reveal the title and it was accompanied by a letter from the author! It also smelled perfumy the moment I opened it. I’m really so excited that we now also have our very own subscription box service and I can’t wait to see what the future themes will be! 


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8 thoughts on “The Book Case | My First Ever Bookish Unboxing

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to find a good monthly book box. I’ve been getting the bookish box but for my birthday I asked for 3 months of owlcrate to test it out! Haven’t received anything on owlcrate yet but in the process of writing a bookish box unboxing review!

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  2. Oh my gosh I am so jealous. Living in Portugal I totally relate to shipping costs. Most don’t even ship here so even if I wanted to order one I couldn’t. And they all seem to be about YA which I don’t exactly appreciate much. I am very happy for you, it must feel like Christmas, getting one of those.

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  3. Lovely unboxing! I’m in the US so I am pretty lucky to be able to try out quite a few book boxes and I’ve even repped for some on Instagram. There are some that allow you to choose your genres, but I do believe they are US based so it’d probably be outrageous shipping :/ Hopefully you get your hands on some more soon!

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    1. Thanks so much 💕
      I hope so too! The US has such nice boxes and I always love all the bookish candles that come with some of them! I would love to have some bookish candles too, but once again shipping is so expensive 🙈


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