I’m Not That Into Rhymes | The Sky Between You and Me

 This is a spoiler-free review.


 Book Title: The Sky Between You and Me.

 Author: Catherine Alene.

 Series: Standalone.

 Page Count: 496 Pages (Kindle Edition).

 Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary & Mental Illness.

 Rating: 🌟🌟 stars.

 I kindly received a copy from Sourcebooks Fire for review, this has in no way affected my opinion.


Raesha will to do whatever it takes to win Nationals. For her, competing isn’t just about the speed of her horse or the thrill of the win. It’s about honoring her mother’s memory and holding onto a dream they once shared.

Lighter. Leaner. Faster.

For an athlete, every second counts. Raesha knows minus five on the scale will let her sit deeper in her saddle, make her horse lighter on his feet. And lighter, leaner, faster gives her the edge she needs over the new girl on the team, a girl who keeps flirting with Raesha’s boyfriend and making plans with her best friend.

So she focuses on minus five. But if she isn’t careful, she’s going to lose more than just the people she loves, she’s going to lose herself to lighter, leaner, faster…


This book was kind of …unmemorable. I requested this on Netgalley because I thought it would be right up my alley; a beautiful cover with an intriguing synopsis and the prospect of a story about an eating disorder, seriously what more could I have asked for. And then I started reading…

When I started reading that first page I immediately knew we were going to have a problem – it was written in verse. And no it wasn’t just the first couple of pages, it was the entire 400+ page novel. It took so much concentration just trying to decipher what was going on that it took away any enjoyment value that I could’ve had. It also made it hard to attach any emotional value to any of the character or to the story as a whole.

I feel that because of the writing and the overall messiness of the plot loads of great opportunities were missed. I think this book had great potential for so many important themes but they were all just underdeveloped. This included the theme of friendship, I think that friendship and the support system that friends can offer was totally overlooked and I think it could’ve been great to place emphasize on this especially with Raesha’s problem. Another theme that could’ve been explored more in depth was that of death, three characters actually start the novel off by having lost someone close to them but it is never discussed in detail.

I wish I could explain

what it was like.

Fingers counting the bones

that were becoming me.

Then lastly I would’ve liked to see more information about eating disorders and how to get better. I wanted to see that Rae had an amazing support system and that it wasn’t her fault that she did the things she did. That being said I am extremely happy that such an important topic was touched upon, even though I think it should have been explained more. It almost felt like her eating disorder was just an extra point in the plot when it was in fact the whole pull of the novel. There was just too many added extras that distracted from the intended message.

Overall I feel a little let down. I was excited to read this and get sucked into the world of Rodeo and to better understand Rae’s struggle with her disease, but sadly this did not live up to my expectations.



  • The fact that it wanted to explore such an important topic such as anorexia.
  • I kinda liked the friendship, but thought it was underdeveloped.


  • The verse writing was confusing and made it hard to grasp what was happening in the story at times.
  • I feel that the representation of Rae’s eating disorder was lacking.
  • I feel that there were many wasted opportunities with loads of underdeveloped themes.
  • Overall I just expected so much more from this and I think that it should have just been more!



Unfortunately this is not something that I would quickly recommend. Perhaps only if you’re fond of poetry/verse.


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5 thoughts on “I’m Not That Into Rhymes | The Sky Between You and Me

  1. The verse thing would have been a total turnoff for me! It always distracts me from a story! It looks like the idea of the book was good but not explored, which is too bad because there are so many things to say about eating disorders. Great and honest review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Donna 💕
      I still find it hard to write “negative” reviews sometimes especially if you really wanted to enjoy the book. This had real potential, it just lacked execution.


  2. These heavy-hitting subjects (mental health, eating disorders, drug use) seem to fall victim to books written in verse more often than lighter topics. I wonder why… Anyway, this sort of reminds me of my experience reading Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. Wintergirls wasn’t actually written in verse, but the novel was about eating disorders, and the writing style was unique– not the usual kind of prose found in novels. I’m not quite sure how to explain it. It was so…abstract? But, it took so much effort to concentrate on what the writing was conveying that I really struggled to appreciate the book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have nothing against a few verses here and there, but the whole book was just a little much!
      Oh no! Wintergirls has been on my radar for a while especially because it focuses on eating disorders, I just hope the writing style won’t be too distracting 😊


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