16 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn’t That Bad

Loving the little things in life 

It seems like 2016 was quite a rough year for most people, me included, but that doesn’t mean that it was all bad. There are loads of reasons why this year wasn’t all that bad. I’ve been trying to love the little things in life, so here is 16 reasons why 2016 was a good year (or not that bad) 


  • I managed to read close to a 100 books this year and most of them were really, really good!
  • I celebrated my first blogiversary on Book Adventures and hosted a giveaway to celebrate it!
  • I gained lots of blogger friends and followers and I’m so close to 700 followers and I appreciate each and every one of you!


  • I finished my Marketing and Business degree with a number of distinctions and I’m definitely proud of myself.
  • I celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend and it was great.
  • I got a beautiful Harry Potter boxset from my aunt all the way from London.
  • I also got to see my Aunt and Uncle earlier this year. They stay in the UK and rarely visit.
  • I get to see them again this December and they’re bringing my cousin that I’ve not met in person before. She’s a big potterhead, so I’m beyond excited.
  • I decided to get a Deathly Hallows tattoo because I just really love the Harry Potter series. It has done so much for me during my short lifetime.


  • I went on a weekend away to an amazing little house in a picturesque part of South Africa named Clarens.
  • My granddad actually spent Christmas with us this year having been in the hospital for both Christmas and his birthday last year.
  • I continued my tradition of watching fireworks on our roof on New Years.
  • I started a twitter account for my blog, but I’m still figuring out how it works.
  • I had Starbucks and Krispy Kreme for the first time ever as both franchises decided to open branches in South Africa. Krispy Kreme was definitely delicious, but Starbucks was a little overrated.


  • I wrote a few bookish discussion posts that I was really proud of.
  • My lovely cat, Penny celebrated her 2nd Birthday.

What are some of your best memories of 2016? I hope each and everyone of you has a lovely and exciting 2017!


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P.S: I’m on holiday. Please do not hesitate to comment and I’ll show you all some love as soon as I get back! 


13 thoughts on “16 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn’t That Bad

  1. My cat turned two this year as well. One of my favorite memories this year was when me my mom and brother were taking out the trash and a kitten came walking up to us. He’s adorable we named him Muffin and him and Eady (my other kitty) get along really well. 2016 wasn’t the best year for me but it’s nice to see a positive post about it let’s hope 2017 is better for both of us.

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