Blogmas | Bookish Stocking Fillers

Wonderful bookish stocking fillers for that wonderful bookworm in your life 🎄


 Generally bookworms are really easy to shop for because all they really want in life is more books. But it can be hard sometimes to get them the perfect book or you’ve already gotten that perfect book and now you’re just looking for something extra to add to their stocking. These are all cute, perfect small gifts to fill a bookish stocking with 🎄

 Something to make their room smell delightful.


Bookish Candles are all the rage right now and I think these tiny tin ones from Meraki Candles are the perfect size for filling a Christmas stocking with. They come in loads of delightful scents from a vast number of fandoms including Harry Potter, ACOTAR and Throne of Glass.

 Something to make their feet warm and toasty.


I first saw these cute Banded Books Socks in an Owlcrate box and I thought they were extremely clever! As the name suggests they feature names of books that have been banned throughout history and they’re guaranteed to make your feet feel really comfy while reading. These can be found on Out of Print Clothing.

 Something to keep their lips kiss ready.


really love the concept of these bookish lip balms from The Candle Crate. The names are so creative – I mean if you ever had a crush on Ron or Harry then you’ll most definitely want to try a Ron’s Kiss. The scents also sounds pretty amazing. The Dementor’s Kiss is described as a fruit infused red wine with hints of citrus, this sounds so good even I’d risk a kiss from a Dementor.

 Something to keep their place in their current read.


I’m crazy about these magnet type bookmarks and I especially love the ones from Read and Wonder. They’re also so cute and detailed and there are loads of different ones for loads of different bookworms. They have ones from tons of different fandoms including Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, LOTR and ACOTAR.

 Something they can take with them wherever they go.


I think these Funko key chains are such a cute gift! Instead of just sitting on your bookshelf at home like all your average size Funko’s, these actually get to go places. They have the same cute features as the full size Funko’s and there are loads to choose from from various different fandoms.

 Something to make them smell lovely.


This Rhysand inspired soap from Geeky Clean is the perfect gift for fans of The Night Sky. The soap is jasmine scented and it’s really shiny and sparkly and pretty, exactly like a night sky should be. They have loads of other products that would make great stocking fillers including bookish bathbombs and fragrance sprays.

I would be one happy bookworm if I got some of these in my Christmas stocking. I hope these gave you some ideas on how to spoil yourself and that wonderful bookworm in your life!

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16 thoughts on “Blogmas | Bookish Stocking Fillers

    1. I never get socks for Christmas, probably because it’s too hot! I’m such a sucker for bookmarks but I can never find any cute or creative ones here – just those plain ones you get free with books sometimes 😊


      1. I just received a couple of bookmarks for Christmas and they’re so cute. I wish there were more in France but bookstores don’t have many and I never find what I want online 🙂

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