Blogmas | Bookish Mugs To Make You Swoon

Bookish Mugs to make you swoon and that will make great presents for that bookish person in your life 


So I’m not actively taking part in Blogmas, but I am going to be posting some festive related posts. Today’s post is all about bookish mugs that will make any bookworm swoon. These mugs can definitely also be given as Christmas gifts for any book lover 

 Tardis Mug


This modern art Tardis Mug is the perfect vessel for any Dr. Who fan to drink their Earl Grey out of (yes I drink my tea out of mugs). This mug will set you back $9 and is available from Urban Collector.

 No Mourners, No Funerals Mug


This is the perfect mug for drinking hot chocolate out of while daydreaming about Kaz. It’s also a great gift for fans of Six of Crows. This mug retails for around $15 and can be found on Society 6.

 Bookstagram Mug


This quirky watercolour mug is ideal for all the Bookstagram addicts out there. It will set you back $18 and is available from Blue Bear Bazaar.

 Harry Potter Mugs


These are the best gifts you can ever give to any muggle loving Harry Potter fan (I actually have the one on the left and it makes my day every day). There are loads more designs to choose from and they’re all amazing! These can be found on Jane and are selling for $15.

 Book Was Better Mug


This is the ultimate gift for the bookworm who insists on reading the book before seeing the movie/TV show and always end up choosing the book (P.S. This sounds vaguely familiar). This beauty can be bought from Pretty Geekery on Red Bubble for $15.

 Okay, Okay Mug


I love this mug and I want this mug for Christmas. This is the absolute perfect mug for readers who are still mourning the death of our beloved Augustus! This mug can be found on Amazon.

 Happily Ever After Mug


This beautiful mug is from a series I have yet to read – Anna and The French Kiss! I’m in love with this stunning mug and I’m sure fans of this series will also be. This mug can be found on Society 6 for $15.

These are all wonderful bookish mugs that I’m sure any bookworm would love to find under their Christmas tree this year. I hope these mugs made you swoon like I promised!

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