Tips & Tricks | How To Write A Discussion Post

Discussion posts are always a hot topic in the bookish community, but they can be really daunting, especially if you have no idea where to begin. So I’m here to share some tips & tricks on how to write a discussion post 


I’m definitely no expert when it comes to writing discussion posts, and in fact, there are loads of bloggers who’s discussion posts are pure gold! I know this topic has been covered numerous times before, but these are just some tips & tricks I use for writing discussion posts.

♡ Talk about something that you’re passionate about.

When writing a discussion post talk about something that is near and dear to you, something you have an opinion about. Something you are passionate about. When a discussion post is written with passion it is almost palpable to the reader and it becomes very easy to pick up on the fact that this post was written out of excitement and a love for whatever they are discussing. Being passionate about something makes readers and other bloggers enthusiastic about joining the discussion.

♡ Talk about whatever you want.

There is really no wrong or right topic when it comes to discussion posts, only controversial ones and they also need to be discussed. So don’t be afraid to discuss whatever topic you want to discuss, don’t let other people’s views and opinions deter you to talk about something that is important to you. New and interesting discussion posts are always fun and informative and is sure to make other people sit up and take an interest in whatever you’re saying.

♡ Get your point across.

The main aim of a discussion post is to give your views on a particular topic, but to also get your point across. Make sure that you clearly talk about how you feel about your chosen topic and what your views are; this way it is easier for readers to understand on what side of the spectrum you are and it also makes it easier for them to discuss the topic with you – either by agreeing or disagreeing with your point.

♡ Focus on your format.

Discussion posts are usually quite lengthy with loads of information. The one thing you don’t want to do is make your post look chunky and heavy. You can avoid this by ensuring that your paragraphs are not too long and you can also try to use bullet points to easily get your points across. You want to keep the posts enjoyable but also easily readable, that way people can finish it quicker and get to the actual discussion part.

♡ Encourage people to discuss/debate with you.

The whole point of writing a discussion posts is to discuss something. So make sure that you invite other bloggers/readers to give their opinions on your topic in the comments. Discussion posts are all about interaction; so make sure that your readers feel welcome and encouraged to start a conversation with you about the post. Also a discussion goes both ways, so remember to be interactive by responding to comments on your discussion post.

Do you agree on these tips for writing discussion posts? Do you have any other tips that you use? Will these tips encourage you to try and write more discussion posts? Let me know in the comments!


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14 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks | How To Write A Discussion Post

  1. I feel like you can’t make a discussion post without being passionate about the topic. I like to get my blogging notebook and make points on a certain topic, I make, if I think of something while I’m out, on my phone. Sometimes the best ideas come to me when I’m not sitting at my computer with a document in front of me.
    – Yasmin

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    1. Absolutely have to agree with being passionate, most of the discussion posts I write are things I’m really interested in or passionate about 💞 I also write down topics/ideas whenever they come to me 😊

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with you! Love the points you made. I wrote only a couple of discussion posts because they’re scary and I never feel I know enough to do it more often but I’ve been thinking about a few things and with a little courage I hope to publish more of those posts next year. I like lively discussion posts with a clear format and gifs or images to help.

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    1. Thank you 😘 Gifs are great to get your point across as well and it can definitely bring some fun to something that might be a little bit more serious 😊 I was SO nervous when I wrote my first post, but it wasn’t bad and the community is real supportive! So I can’t wait to see what you come up with 😊

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  3. Excellent advice! I wholeheartedly agree with all of it. And you’ve gotten me all inspired to write a discussion post now, which is awful timing since I’m on vacation and supposed to be away from my computer. Looks like I’ll have to give this post a reread next week, and see if the inspiration strikes again. Thanks for sharing it! =)

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  4. Discussion posts are my favorite to write, but you’re right, when I’m not really feeling the topic, I usually have to delete them because they end up feeling very weak. You know? But when it’s something that I’m really concerned or curious about, I love writing them. They are the easiest posts for me to write and very rewarding, too, as people comment a lot. I really appreciate the interactions I get that way, they are very nice 🙂

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