Tips & Tricks | How To Make Friends On WordPress

I love WordPress and the amazing WordPress community! But I know how intimidating it can be to make friends and interact with fellow bloggers, especially if you’re a new blogger just starting out. I thought I’d share some tips on how to make friends on WordPress 


It can be really hard to make friends and connect with people, especially if you’re shy. When I first started out on WordPress I was also really shy, but then I came across a blog that I loved so much that I just had to interact with the blogger and we’ve been friends ever since – Thanks Heather for having some or other bookish posts that got me out of my shell.

 Leave comments on blogs.

If you read a blog post (whether it’s a review, tag or just a random post) and you feel that you can relate to something in the post – leave a comment. I promise you that none of us bite and we love to interact with other bloggers especially if they can relate to something we’ve just written. You might just realise that you have so much in common with another blogger that you become friends and start following each others blogs!

Now, there are some comments that won’t get you any attention (in my personal opinion). I’m sorry, but if you just write a comment telling me to go check out your blog, the chance is very good that that’s not going to happen. Comments aren’t there for “advertising” yourself, comments are there for the community to talk and interact with one another.

Reply to comments on your blog.

When someone takes time to comment on one of your posts, comment back! Start a conversation, talk and interact! No one wants to receive just a “like” on a comment they’ve posted on a blog, they want to interact and communicate. People that take the time to comment want to know that their comment was seen and appreciated.

I love commenting on other blogs with the hope of a conversation starting, it’s one of my favourite things to do when I go blog hopping.

Interact on other Social Media sites.

Interact with bloggers on other social media sites besides WordPress. If you interact with bloggers on Twitter and Instagram you can become even better friends here on WordPress. The better friends you become on other social media sites the more friends/followers you can gain on here.

I hope these tips & tricks give you the confidence to start interacting with other bloggers. I hope that you make loads of wonderful bookish friends and that you start many bookish conversations.

Do you agree with these tips & tricks? Do you have any tips that you’d like to add? How did you make friends on WordPress? I’d love to talk with you in the comments!


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50 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks | How To Make Friends On WordPress

  1. This is a great post. Especially for potential or new bloggers to gain valuable insight on how to create friendships and join the bookish community. Also, recommending books to read based on a blogger’s post is a good way to start a conversation too.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I’m glad if I could help. I was also really shy in the beginning, but you’ll see that the community is great and so accommodating 😊 And you’ll make some friends in no time!


  2. Well this is another solid post 🙂 Interaction is key. It is part of what makes this community so wonderful! I try to comment on so many posts I read, of course sometimes we cannot get to them all, but I add where I can. I could never imagine having someone take to comment on my post, and not responding to them. It happens to me, it is weird haha.

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    1. Thanks so much 💖 I was so scared to interact in the beginning, but now it’s like my favourite part of the day! I love reading through people’s posts and I definitely try and comment on most of them 😊 Totally understand that you sometimes miss a blog or two, but we’re all human and we all get busy 😊

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  3. That’s a wonderful post! I love leaving comments even more than I enjoy getting them. Sometimes they’re not really well-constructed, I just want to let the person know I’ve read their post and liked it, and other times I’m writing an entire novel about a detail. But the length doesn’t really matter just as long as you’re looking for interaction. That’s the beauty of it. I blog for myself, the entire thinking and writing process is supposed to help me become a native-like English speaker! (fingers crossed :p) but I publish to interact and have a nice chat with people nice enough to care about what I have to say. It is a bit intimidating at times, especially when you’re new or talking to a seasoned blogger, but nobody bites here! (at least, I’ve never been attacked!!)

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    1. Thanks so much 😘 That’s exactly the point I was trying to get across to some new bloggers, that you shouldn’t be scared, because this community is wonderful and none of us bite! I love your comments, you always try to comment on every aspect of the post and I truly appreciate that 💖 One can definitely tell that you’ve actually read the whole post and that’s lovely 😊 And I agree with blogging for yourself, but I also love to have a nice chat every once in a while 😊


  4. Excellent tips! I wish I’d found a post like this when I first joined WordPress; I was one of those shy bloggers who didn’t know how to reach out to others, so my first, uh, year and a half of blogging was spent pretty much just blogging for myself and my non-blogging friends. So lonely!

    Now I just need to work on being better about the whole social media thing. (My Twitter account is in desperate need of CPR.)

    I hope this post helps a lot of new, lonely bloggers out there, so they can dive into the community and start making buds. Thanks for sharing! =)

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    1. Thanks so much 😘 I really hope so too! I would hate for lonely bloggers to feel intimidated by other bloggers and I hope that through this post they’ve come to realise that it’s okay to interact with other bloggers and that everyone in this community is friendly 💖 Don’t worry, all my social media accounts are also in some desperate need of some TLC!

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  5. Great post! I had a similar experience as you when I first started blogging. I was really shy too until one day I came across a post about my favorite series and I’ve been chatting daily with the blogger of said post since 😊. It helped get me out my shell and now I feel like my comments are really long half the time haha. These are great tips and I completely agree. Although I have to admit I struggle with keeping up with other social media and end up doing most of my interacting on here.

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    1. Thank you 💖 I think as soon as you find a post that you can really relate to it becomes way easier to actually interact with that blogger, because it’s usually something you’re quite passionate about and that just makes it so much easier! I also do most of my interaction on here and there’s really nothing wrong with that 😊 Other social media’s might just help you to get your blog out there a little bit more.

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  6. Great Advice Michelle! I think you will help so many people to come out of their shell and interact more. I was always so shy to post comments and nervous people would think ‘who cares’ then I realized hey I love comments on my posts so they would love a response on theirs too.

    Also love that you acknowledged that the ‘check out my blog’ comments won’t work, I really don’t like them. Unless someone is showing me a review after recommending a book or linking a post similar to mine. But if its not even interacting with me at all and its just to advertise theirs I end up avoiding!

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    1. Thanks so much 😘 Same, I love when people want to interact with me, so now I’m simply returning the favour by commenting on their blog posts 💖 I feel like a positive comment can always make someone’s day! I know, I also avoid it. I mean if you’re not interacting at all and just shamelessly promoting yourself, I’m not really going to be interested.

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  7. Agreed! Commenting is so important when it comes to connecting with the bookish community. People love to get comments on their blogs and to receive replies to comments they leave on other blogs. I know some bloggers don’t have a ton of time for commenting, but doing what you can to show people you want to talk with them and not just at them will definitely help you make friends.

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    1. Thank you 😊 Definitely agree, commenting is crucial in making friends and connecting with people 😊 but I know that it can sometimes be hard to get to every blogger and comment on every post but if you try that’s perfect 💖


  8. Loved this post! When I first started blogging, I was nervous of initiating a conversation especially with the ‘big’ bloggers but turned out I was worried over nothing because they are nice! ❤ I met all of my bookish friends through commenting and then progressed to social media like twitter and it was amazing! 😀

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    1. Thanks so much 😘 I was also super nervous, but like you’ve said everyone is really, really nice even the “bigger” bloggers! And its so great that you’ve made lasting friendships that have carried over onto Twitter 💖

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  9. You’re too sweet Michelle! I’m so happy we got to interact and that it’s lead to having such a wonderful blogging buddy! Thank you so much for the shout out!
    I love this post and definitely agree with your tips. I find that commenting is the best way to gain Followers and new friends and I 100% agree that spam commenting your blog link is the best way to NOT get people to see your blog.

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