Ramblings | Should re-reads count towards your yearly Goodreads goal?

So this is another topic I’ve been sitting on for quite some time. Some of you reading this might be thinking that the answer to this question is quite obvious and some of you have already made up your mind when it comes to counting re-reads. But is it really that simple? Let’s see 



So essentially a re-read can be described as reading a book/text again. Lots of bookworms re-read books, usually it’s a book that has become a favourite that they just have to relive or they re-read a first in the series to continue with the rest of the series. I for one re-read Harry Potter every single year – there’s just some sort of nostalgia about reading it again, and I can’t help myself. But the big question is, do you count re-reads towards your yearly reading goal?


The short answer to this question is yes.

 For the most part I do count re-reads towards my yearly goal.

Like I’ve said I do enjoy the occasional re-read once in a while, it’s usually a book I’ve grown very fond of, the previous book in a series or Harry Potter. And yes I do count these towards my Goodreads goals. The thing is although you might already know what is going to happen in the book, you are essentially taking time out of your schedule to read this book again. This means that even if you know where the story is going you are still reading those 300 or 400 pages. It’s not like all the information stayed in your head, you have to actually read it again making it perfectly okay to add it to your Goodreads goal.

 But what about different formats?

Here is where it gets a bit tricky for me. I would be perfectly okay to count a book twice if it was in a different format, but only certain formats. For example if I’ve already read Chamber of Secrets in 2016 and then the illustrated Chamber of Secrets is released and I read that one – I would count both books towards my reading goal, simply because they are different formats. Then I think the same can be done with audio books. I think you can listen to an audio book and then read it in print format later in the year and I would count both towards my reading goal. I know, I’m a freak of nature and very peculiar…

 When will I not count a re-read?

An interesting question, with a not so interesting answer. I don’t know if there is a specific set of criteria for when I won’t count a re-read towards my Goodreads goal. Maybe if I do the re-read in the same year as when I originally read the book. Maybe the time that has passed between the initial read and the re-read isn’t enough for it to count as a re-read, I don’t know 🙈

 Essentially the answer is just yes, I do count re-reads towards my Goodreads goal.

I feel like you’ve worked hard on reading that book again, obviously because it brings you some sense of joy or happiness. Or maybe you just have a bad memory and have to read the previous book in a series before continuing on to the next. But why should any of those wonderful things stop you from adding this re-read towards your Goodreads goal? At the end of the day it’s your goal and your choice on whether you want to count it or not.

Do you count re-reads towards your Goodreads goal? Why or Why Not? Do you think it’s unfair to count them towards your yearly goals? Do you have a certain set of criteria for counting/not counting re-reads? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “Ramblings | Should re-reads count towards your yearly Goodreads goal?

  1. My thoughts are completely in line with yours: if you take the time out of your day/week/month/even your year to read a book, even if it’s a reread, it should count. That’s time you could have spent reading something new, yeah, but revisits are necessary from time to time! (:

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  2. I count re-reads towards my goal, but only one through out the year. So I’ve read Jane Eyre twice this year which is three times all up, so I am just counting it once. I pretty much re-read a book every second book to refresh my mind so half the books I’ve read this year are re-reads!

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  3. I definitely count rereads toward my reading goal 😊. Mainly because, like you said, it takes time out of our schedule to actually reread the books and since it’s reading even though it’s rereading I feel it counts. Although Goodreads doesn’t have an actual way to count them on our goals, does it?

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  4. I personally don’t count my re-reads to my Goodreads goals partially because my sister refuses to let me ‘it doesn’t count Hannah’. She also doesn’t let me put my university reads up there because then it’s not reading for pleasure. I don’t know why I listen to her other than she’s older… haha.
    I kind of wish I did count my re-reads though because already this year I have re-read 50 Shades Trilogy (I’m a fan) and also the Convanent Series by Jennifer Armentrout which is another 5 books. So I could be on 78 books now, my reading goal for the year is 100 and i’m on 70. Not sure I will do it!


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