Great Cover but Meh Story.



We’ve all done this before – bought a book solely because you liked the cover or the cover was sparkly and shiny and you simply had to have it. But more often than not the actual story turned out to be pretty meh…

I’m going to show you guys my Top 6 Great Covers, with Meh Stories.

 The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rotkoski.

Winner's Curse

Lovely cover. I love the fact that it is dark with the pop of colour from the dress demanding all the attention, but the story is like 100 other’s we’ve seen recently in YA fiction. The forbidden love trope is a bit overused now and frankly there are books out there who executed this trope much better.

The Selection by Kiera Cass.


These covers just manages to grab my attention every single time. I don’t know why, but I just really find them quite beautiful. But the story is too fluffy and not enough Dystopian. Yes it’s a guilty pleasure read, but in terms of if it is actually well executed, it is a resounding no.

 Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard.

Beautiful Broken Things

This cover is absolutely stunning, especially if you see it in real life, the gold is super reflective in the light and it’s just pure magic. The story promises friendship, suicide and other problems, but doesn’t deliver on it’s promises.

 Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Red Queen

In the beginning (when this book was totally hyped) I thought that it was the bomb-diggity, but upon closer inspection I realised that it is not. But it has such a clean, aesthetically pleasing cover. It’s a shame really.

 Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.

Luckiest Girl Alive

This cover is so dark, yet so beautiful and that is exactly what I wanted from the story – a dark and creepy, but intriguing story. But I got Gillian Flynn copycat with an uninteresting main character.

 All The Rage by Courtney Summers.

All the Rage

There was something about this cover that I also really liked, I think it was the dark/creepy factor that drew me into it along with a little sneak peek at the synopsis. This was one of those stories were the synopsis promises you a range of things that never actually happened, and the main event, the rape was just brushed underneath the carpet.

What is your most favourite/beautiful cover with a meh story?

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12 thoughts on “Great Cover but Meh Story.

  1. I haven’t read Red Queen yet but it is sitting on my shelf. (May need to bump that up the TBR pile.) I did read The Luckiest Girl Alive though. I thought the story was interesting but I didn’t think the cover was a right match for the audience it would resonate with. Says something about the cover artists to be able to create an intriguing cover that draws you in though.

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