Reliving My Most Cry Worthy Harry Potter Moments

Let’s cry together over Harry Potter!

Harry Potter

Since we’re fast approaching the release day of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about Harry Potter and I just want to snuggle in my blankie and have a movie/book marathon. I mean we have waited so long for this and I just hope it’s everything that I’ve been waiting for.

So in preparation for this exciting release I thought I would relive some of my most cry worthy Harry Potter moments. So get your cup of tea and box of tissues ready because it might be an emotional ride.

*Will obviously contain spoilers*

💜 Snape Dying


I know loads of people couldn’t stand Snape, but his death is still one of the most emotional deaths in the series. We learn loads about him and he definitely was loyal to the very end. I basically ugly cry from here until the very end of the movie/book.

💜 Ron Leaving

Ron leaving in Deathly Hallows because of the impact that the locket had on him and also Hermione’s reaction to him leaving. She was heartbroken and a different person, I think it is here that we realize how much Ron means to her.

💜 Obliviate


Hermione makes the ultimate sacrifice to obliviate her parents memories to make it so that she never existed. I think that was one of the bravest and emotional moments in the series.

💜 Nagini Attacks

Nagini attacks Mr. Weasley in Order of the Phoenix and you’re seriously heavy breathing because you don’t know if he’s going to die or not.

💜 Hogwarts Burning

Burning Hogwarts

When Hogwarts is left to burn after the battle, this just made me really emotional because Hogwarts has been the home of so many including all the Potterheads out there.

💜 Dobby’s Death

Although he was a bit irritating in the beginning, I think Dobby truly loved Harry and he died a very brave death protecting Harry and his friends. Despite not liking him in the beginning I cried like a little baby when he died and I only stopped after he was buried.

💜 Godric’s Hollow

Godric's Hollow

When it’s Christmas and Harry & Hermione is alone in Godric’s Hollow and no one knows where Ron is. And then they find Harry’s parents grave and everything is just too much all of a sudden.

💜 Hedwig’s Death

Hedwig died protecting Harry, but it was probably one of the saddest deaths ever. She was Harry’s first real friend in the wizarding world and she was his constant companion at the Dursley’s when no one else was around.

💜 Behind the Veil


When Sirius disappears behind the veil and it takes Harry a long time to realize that he’ll never ever see his Godfather again.

💜  Dumbledore

Loads of things about Dumbledore made me cry in The Half-Blood Prince, but specifically where he had to drink that poison in the cave, making him weaker than I ever thought I’d see him. Then just as he regains some of his strength he gets killed on Hogwarts grounds.

💜 George without Fred

fred weasleys death

There just are no words for this one.

What is your most cry worthy Harry Potter moment? The moment where you ugly cry and you just can’t stop?


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28 thoughts on “Reliving My Most Cry Worthy Harry Potter Moments

  1. Cedric features slightly in no 15, it was sad when he asked Harry to take his body back, that’s when his death became real.


    1. So true, Sirius’s death was really monumental and I think it changed a lot a things about Harry. Sirius really was a good father figure, not perfect, but definitely what Harry needed at that time 🌸

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  2. Great post, All very sad moments, I found when you found out that Lupin and Tonks are dead. Also when Dumbledore was speaking to Harry after he died, I found that very emotional, he wasn’t just his mentor, he was his friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sirius’ Death. It pierces the heart. Not because he was my favourite character, but because his death could have been avoided. Had Kreacher not lied. Had Harry learnt Occlumeny. Had Harry opened Sirius’ gift. Had he listened to Hermione

    Liked by 1 person

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