Demon Road | An Unexpected 5 Star Read

*This is a spoiler-free review.

Demon Road

 Book Title: Demon Road.

 Author: Derek Landy.

 Series: Demon Road #1.

 Page Count: 504 Pages (Hardback).

 Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Horror & Thriller.

 Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars.

* I was provided a copy by Readers Warehouse in exchange for an honest review.

For anyone who ever thought their parents were monsters… Amber Lamont is a normal sixteen-year-old. Smart but insecure, she spends most of her time online, where she can avoid her beautiful, aloof parents and their weird friends.

But when a shocking encounter reveals a horrifying secret, Amber is forced to go on the run. Killer cars, vampires, undead serial killers and red-skinned, horned demons – Amber hurtles from one threat to the next, revealing the terror woven into the very fabric of her life. As her parents close in behind her, Amber’s only chance rests with her fellow travelers, who are not at all what they appear to be…


I don’t normally stray into fantasy worlds containing demons and real life vampire that you can kill with a stake through the heart, so it is very safe to assume that this book was way out of my comfort zone.  But as I’m typing this I’m definitely not regretting one single minute spent reading this unexpectedly great book. Sure I’ve heard some good things about the author, Derek Landy, but I sure as hell wasn’t prepared for all the awesome that I got from Demon Road.  Let’s just say that Landy sure knows how to write an intriguing plot that will keep you glued to the pages, no matter the size of the book.

Let’s just start of by saying that this book is pretty big (504 pages) but all 504 pages are utilized to the best of their abilities. Every single page is action-packed and entertaining. The plot to me was super original and lots of action occurred, making this one of the most action-packed novels I have read to date. The plot really has a lot going on, but lucky not all at the same time, making it easy to follow and keep track with the story and where it is going. I really loved all the creatures that I met throughput the book and the mystery surrounding them all. Every new person that I met had an interesting backstory that only brought more mystery to the plot. 

I’m still not to sure how I personally feel about our main character – Amber. I loved how the author didn’t make her this “ideal” character that we see in most YA novels. When she was human she was totally insecure, she was shy and not pretty like all the other girls, and I totally love this because it steers clear from the stereotypes we normally read about. The fact that she was now a demon as well wasn’t totally ideal, but it did have it’s perks such as Amber being beautiful when she was in her demon form. I felt that Amber was a caring and compassionate character and this probably stemmed from the fact that she didn’t grow up in a loving home.

Some of them wear masks, and some of them wear smiles.

The other two mainish characters – Milo & Glen, both played a big role in making the book as interesting as it was. Milo was a total dark horse and I definitely wanted to learn more about him and his story the further I ventured into the book. Glen was a humorous character who managed to make a joke about every bad situation they landed themselves in. He basically created a light, humorous atmosphere when things threatened get too heavy. 

I just really loved this story and I did end up loving all the characters, even the demon ones, I think I might be a demon convert. The book wrapped up pretty well for the first book in a series. Obviously it ended on such a note that I really want to go out and buy the second book.

You don’t quite an addiction by going back to it.

likeddisliked Liked:

  •  The plot was totally action-packed making sure that there was never a dull moment.
  • The story was interesting and like nothing else I have ever come across in YA Fantasy.
  • The writing is very good, making you want to keep on reading until you’ve finished the entire book.
  • All the characters were interesting and had totally interesting backstories.
  • I definitely liked the 3 main characters.
  •  I’m super excited to read the next book in the series.


Blue Bloods Skullduggery

Demon Road will most certainly be enjoyed by lovers of dark fantasy as well as lovers of dark creatures such as demons and vampires. I also think that readers like me, who doesn’t normally read this genre might be pleasantly surprised. Also I feel like Demon Road isn’t just a book for the YA to enjoy, but for everyone.

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